Indian Polity and Governance Syllabus for Government Exams

  1. Constitutional Development of India
  2. Constituent Assembly
  3. salient features of the constitution
  4. sources of the constitution
  5. the preamble
  6. parts, articles and schedules of the constitution
  7. Union and the territory
  8. Citizenship
  9. fundamental rights
  10. Directive principles of state policy
  11. Fundamental Duties
  12. the Union executive
  13. President and Vice-president
  14. the prime minister
  15. Union council of minister
  16. the attorney general, comptroller and auditor general of India
  17. the union legislature – Parliament
  18. Rajya Sabha (Council of states)
  19. Lok Sabha (house of the people)
  20. officers of parliament: Speaker and chairman of Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha
  21. parliamentary proceedings – Sessions and Sittings
  22. Parliamentary Committees
  23. The Union Judiciary – Supreme Court
  24. The state executive – governor
  25. the chief minister and council of ministers
  26. the advocate general
  27. the state legislature – Vidhan Parishad
  28. Vidhan Sabha – The legislative assembly
  29. Speaker of Vidhan Sabha and Chairman of Vidhan Parishad
  30. The state judiciary High court
  31. Special provisions relating to Jammu and Kashmir
  32. Local government – Municipality and Panchayati Raj
  33. Centre-State Relation
  34. Public Service Commission
  35. Election Commission
  36. official language
  37. emergency provisions
  38. constitutional Amendments
  39. order of precedence
  40. National Insignia or National Symbols

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